NebuLAB Radix Node

Trusted Network Validator (KYC)

New project: Radix Pixels Board (RPB) -

📢 We're excited to announce NebuLAB Airdrops until Radix Babylon release! 

Please read details on Radix Pixel Board platform ( 🚀 

How to stake with us:

Copy our address and delegate to us now in your Radix Wallet to become a NebuLAB Staker!


If you're just getting started with Radix and don't have any XRD yet, please follow these steps:
1. Buy XRD tokens on Bitfinex, KuCoin or other exchanges

2. Download and install the Radix Wallet

3. Transfer XRD tokens to your Radix Wallet

4. Review the information on how to use the wallet to stake XRD (it's simple ... click Stake&Unstake in the left-hand navigation menu)

5. Stake your XRD tokens, making sure to enter  rv1q2pc3mt5n4j42gxhv8t0j5pgu6zt54ayhlqqa67wcjl5zmnz7lc86klas0p  for the NebuLAB validator address

Get ready for Babylon upgrade. We will be ready! 

All NebuLAB Stakers will receive RPB/NBL token via Airdrop on Radix network to participate in exclusive NebuLAB projects. 

Please don't hesitate to contact our team in our 

Telegram Channel .